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All personally written and answered by Bruce himself.

Q: Where are you located ?

A: Bruce (BruceTookIt) is located in Washington, DC (NW / U Street) but, i'm often on the road. If you see me advertising being somewhere please contact me directly to see where I will be shooting.

Q: How much notice is needed to book a shoot?

A: Preferably at least a day advance. It’s possibly if absolutely needed I can do same day sessions I just need to make sure I’m available and free to shoot. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Outside of my daytime job in the evenings I’m usually always shooting sometimes even up past midnight. Sending a deposit gets you in my schedule.

Q: Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

A: You are more than welcome to bring a guest with you to the shoot. I ask that you inform me if you intend to bring a guest. In my opinion the shoots work best when it’s one on one. Bringing a guest can distract you (or myself) and take away from our shooting time. I only suggest bringing a guest if you FULLY intend them to asset with the shoot. I also ask due to the space of the studio you limit your guest no more than one.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Anything you want. It’s a photoshoot so anything you want to take pictures in. Your pictures anything you want to do with the photos it’s up to you. You can do something fun, something sexy, serious it’s whatever you want to do. If need some suggestions I suggest you browsing through my portfolio to get some ideas.

Q: Is there anything I should bring with me to the shoot?

A: I recommend bringing a few pieces of accessories and changes of earrings and possibly. Just in case we need to add a little touch to the photo we have options. I also recommend bringing a change of shirt just in case we have some leftover time we can take a quick little headshot with a different “look”.

Q: What background colors do you have ?

A: I have ALL the colors meaning I  literally have every color. Click here to see the colors you can chose form.

Q: How many outfits can I do in 30 minutes?

A: This varies answer honestly varies depending on what’s being shot and what exactly you want in a picture. If you bring me an exact photo you want me to recreate, I can get it done within 5 minutes. Also, something to consider is changing time, how long it will take you to change into your second look. Personally, I don’t prefer to spend any more than 15 minutes shooting a single “look”. In a 15-minute time frame I can take roughly 200+ photos with a over 80% being great shots. I work fast. Take advantage of it.

Q: I’m scared to do a photoshoot I never done a photoshoot any advice?

A: Well, you’re in the perfect place, I love meeting new people. I’ve been in front of the camera and behind the camera so I know the feeling. I’ll make sure you feel completely comfortable during the shoot and I’m somewhat of a comedian so I’ll even make you laugh. I can take pictures of anyone and anything so there’s no need to freak out or worry. Just come excited to shoot and everything else will work out from there

Q: Can we meet in person to do a consultation?

A: Due to my super busy schedule time doesn’t allow me to meet in person to for talk for a consolation unless it’s for a wedding which takes more time for planning and it’s only proper you meet the soon to be newly weds before. If you have additional questions or inquiry that’s not listed on this page please reach out so we can discuss over the phone.

Q: Do you have a makeup artist?

I have a list of recommended makeup artists in that can be found here. Prices and availability will vary depending on the makeup artist. Please mention to them that you are planning to shoot for an additional special.

Q: I don’t have a baby sitter could I bring my baby/kid?

A: As mentioned above it’s ideal that you come alone so there are no distractions for the shoot. If for whatever reason you have no choice but to bring your kid/baby with you please let me know and it will be no problem. Just keep in mind that any young kid is going to be fascinated by the lights / camera and will have likely have a hard time sitting still.

ALSO please have a strong idea of what color background color(s) you wish to shoot on each particular outfit/look on.  I prefer the model to select the color.  I can tell you what colors will and won't work but I prefer the decision to ultimately be made by you.

Background Colors I have can be viewed by clicking here.

Q: What happens if I’m running late?

A: Your session begins at the time we you scheduled and we agreed upon. Please do everything possible to arrive on time. Make sure to allow appropriate amount of time for the event of traffic and parking. If you are running late please let me know. If not completely booked I can provide you with a possible 15-minute grace period. Any time after that will have to be taken directly from your session.

Q: I’m not good with posing will you help me with posing?

A: YES! One thing I love to do is help with poses and direction. No need to worry, just show up looking your best and I’ll take it from there. You want to have fun during your photoshoot. No need to overthink your poses most of the best one come when your natural and sometimes not even looking at the camera.

Q: Can you help me with creative direction?

A: As much as I would love to help with creatively directing your shoot with my busy scheduled unless compensated for my time the only thing, I can help out with is stuff when you’re here. I can give you suggestions on background colors, positioning of props (if you bring them) and slight changes to your outfit but anything other than that will have to be discussed and determined prior.    

Q: Do you have a mirror so I can look at myself?

A: Of course, my studio is located with multiple mirrors so can always check your picture ready and that way you can take as many behind the scene photos and videos as you want. I also don’t mind helping out with taking BTS videos / boomerangs oh and I also have a 75-inch tv that mirrors to my iPad that way you can give you live view of you during the shoot.

Q: How many pictures of me will you take?

A: I’m one to believe there’s no such thing as too many pics. The more I take the more likely you are to like the photos. Also, since my eye is so good when I take pictures, I take the same shot twice (sometimes more) but from different angles, lighting, adjustment to your pose, and facial expression that way if you don’t like one your bound to like one of the others.

Q: How many photos do I get?

A: Your get access to VIEW all the photos I’ve taken during the shoot but only the set amount indicated in your package will be edited and provided to you. Additional edits can be purchased be purchased at a set fee. If you wish to purchase all the unedited photos or any additional edits from the shoot please contact me.

Q: How long will it take to get my photos back?

A:Most photographers take 3 – 10 days to get your retouched photos back. Since ALL my edits of mine are outsourced (done by someone else besides myself) typically your photos are delivered back to you within 3 days after your photos have been selected.

Q: How will my photos be delivered?

A: Your photos will be delivered to you via Dropbox with a link to download the highest size quality version of the photos. In addition, if we communicated through Instagram or text, I will also send version to you when finished for quicker access. Please download your photos and save them somewhere you can have access to them long term. Due to the limited space on my dropbox I only maintain my client’s photos for 6 months.   

Q: Do you have props I can use?

A: Please keep in mind my role is primary the photographer. If you need help with clothes you hire a stylist, if you need help with ideas you hire a creative director. Most photographers will charge you an add-on fee to use a prop, special chair, special lights, etc.

Q: How long have you been doing photography?

A: I’ve started professionally doing photography little over a year ago. Since doing photography I’ve shot over 200+ people for one-on-one studio sessions, photographed over 50 different events and photographed almost anything you can imagine. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t use my camera. Even before doing photography professionally I always been into creating things and visually expressing myself. I now found a new love for photography and time I’m not working at my day job I’m looking to pick up my camera and shoot. 

Q: Why did you start doing Photography / become a Photographer?

A: My friends couldn’t take good photos of me when I wanted to get creative and do photoshoots so I got behind the camera instead. No matter how I tried to explain the shot they couldn’t see the shot I had in MY HEAD. Now that I am behind the camera, I can create the best shot of you I see and take a few versions of the

Q: What is your favorite thing to photograph?

A: My favorite thing to photograph is people. With the photography focused on them, no background distractions capturing them in their best light. I also love to shoot conceptional shoots. A person with a theme is always fun to me. Gets my creative juices going.

Q: Do you do Videography?

A: Yes, but it’s something I’m still actively learning. I’m more of a Photographer than a Videographer although I can do videography my editing skills is something I am still working on. You can view my video work by clicking here.

Q: Why should I pick you?

A: Within 1 year of doing photography, I shot over 200 models in-studio, all types of different types of photography, events from fashion shows to club events to corporate holiday parties and likely one of your favorite celebrities. My passion is photography and I’m a creative myself so everything I see is in images and visually. Work with me and you never want to work with someone else again. I’m that good.  

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: You can view my camera equipment here.

Q: What about COVID-19?

A: I understand COVID is a concern and very big among us. Because of that I keep my mask on at all times while shooting and constantly disinfect and clean my space. I also ask that if you are not feeling well please notify me so we can reschedule our shoot.

Q: How can I pay ?

Cashapp  $ItsBruceJackson


Cash – Given directly to myself

I do not accept checks.

Q: Do I get to keep every picture you take?

A: A dropbox link will be to you after the shoot that you can view all the photos. Being a photographer, I make my money with photos, because of that I cannot provide you a copy of every photo I take unless purchased. You can purchase all the photos from the shoot for a low fee or additional edits if you wish.

Q: I’m not having a good hair day; can you fix that?

A: I ask that you come as picture perfect as possible. Most things can be fixed with editing but please do not solely rely on editing to fix everything. Please make sure you look as picture perfect as possible.


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